Canadian Casino Nights for American Football – Sponsorship Types

There are various charity events in different fields that need to receive additional funding for their further development. Online casinos actively take part in this movement. They become organizers and generously support American football teams. In the US and Canada, multiple occasions regularly take place and they are very successful in the terms of receipts and people who make them. So in our article, we've decided to explore what kinds of sponsorship help are available on these nights.

Most Popular Levels for Organizations

If companies want to support sports teams, as well as to make advertisement of their services and products, they can participate in donation programs. Usually, prices here are calculated based on the type of event, and its organizers. There are four main types of packages that may suit multiple marketing and budgetary needs. Names are not as important and can change, that’s why we number them and will talk in details about each particular one.

First – All Inclusive

The first set may cost the most, but the benefits are countless. If you get it, you will be able to provide the admission for 20 guests including gaming chips, pre-cocktail hour, and parking. The company’s logo will be placed on all banners, programs, and VIP Guest wristbands. Also, your kind support will be recognized during presentations and announcements. In order to make more ads, the banners with your logo can also appear on social media.


The second level sponsorship at casino nights for football usually takes different funny names. For example, it was Scarlet Sponsor at Tackle Sickle Cell Event. This exclusive package includes the admission for 15 guests, cocktail party, logo placement on a website, banners, and even napkins. You will also get exposure on social media, and three gaming tables. Official Event Video will feature your name on it as well.


The third type of the sponsorship package will provide you with the admission for 10 guests, and cocktail party entry. In addition to that, the company also will be advertised on social media and a casino website. It will be represented on Official Event Video, and announcements. Two game tables will feature your logo, and as players will change places, more people will know about your service.


Once this kind of support was named Knights Sponsors. Here you may benefit greatly as well. In addition to entry tickets for 5 guests, the company’s logo will be exposed on a website, one gaming table, and Official Event Video. Also, your sincere efforts will be recognized during performances and speeches.

Single Ticket for Football Support

Even if you buy only an individual ticket for a casino support event, it's still a good investment for the sports development. You will get an opportunity to enjoy a great game, to meet good people, as well as to help American football teams. The ticket’s price usually includes a pay for snacks and beverage.

Casino Night Table Sponsors

As we've mentioned, donations can be made by both companies and individuals. But note, that they can also get even more advantages! There is an opportunity to become a table sponsor. Depending on the games available, roulette, blackjack, or craps the information about a person or his/her firm can appear only on these game areas.