Skill-Based Leisure with Microgaming Bonus Games and Fantasy Football

Many people look for a method to relax and forget about their routine even for a while. In case you also belong to the group, there is a wonderful opportunity to recreate, improve some of your skills and earn some money. Yeah, you understand everything right. So, we offer you to observe two various kinds of online casino games with Microgaming bonuses and get absorbed into the world of fantasy football. Are you in?

Microgaming Bonus Games of Skills

Some online casino games require your understanding of the entertainment, its rules and strategies. These skills and, of course, a little luck will help you have an idea of possible results.

Analyzing the previous outcomes, wise gamblers try to predict their wins, and this understanding gives a chance to even reduce the house edge. Knowing how significant it is, players tend to look for amusements providing as low odds as 1% only.


This is a top leading online casino game, which is popular among all the players. The rules of this entertainment are very simple and trying it once, you won't even think to launch another fun. So, you receive 2 cards, counting which you should select whether you want to Hit and get another one, or Stand and leave the sum. When the decision is made, the figures of yours and Dealer’s are counted and the one , which is closer to 21 wins. Please, remember that overcoming the amount, you will lose.

European BJ

The basic pro of this kind is the fact that it is not a hole card game. And this implies that both Dealer’s cards are face up and he has nothing to hide from you. Counting the score of the opponent is now more doable. You are going to relish the pastime with 2 decks, so, only 104 cards will be involved. And there is even an opportunity to select whether you are eager to play single- or multi-hand alternative. Besides, Microgaming provides the amusement with only 0.42% house edge.

Spanish 21

This variation is rather original and if you join it without learning the principles, you will be definitely surprised. All Tens are taken out from all the decks, and there are 8 of them. Besides, once you are lucky to have a certain hand, you will be able to activate a bonus! You can also use the Split feature only one time, and that will give you 2 separate hands. And let us not forget about Double Down one. Another pro is that in case you and the Dealer have Blackjack at the same time, you will benefit.

With Live Dealers

The main distinction between live and online pastime is that joining the first one, you do not play against the machine, but with real participants. This time, you can see the croupier dealing the cards, the usernames of your opponents and their stakes. Besides, you can even chat with them and get in contact, like in an onsite casino. This variant makes your gameplay even more realistic.

Poker Types

Another game, which involves cards is Poker. Microgaming is rich in any sense, and the company is ready to show you 50+ alternatives of the same amusement. Again, you have a right to select between single- and multi-hand, the choice is clear in case you are sure that your attention is quite undivided.

Still, the main rule remains similar no matter which title you select, you are to collect the best card combination, in view of this, you should get acquainted with all poker hands.

3 Card Game

Decide if you want to experience Ante or PairPlus bet and launch the pastime. Right on the entry, you are dealt with 3 cards and in case you pick the essential alternative, you should make the next move (fold or raise). Then, the croupier turns over his hands and you compare the combos. The second variant includes simpler steps: make a bet, receive the cards, check out who wins.


This time, the scenario is a bit different. Place a stake and receive a hand consisting of 5 cards, one of which is face down. Now, if you prefer to Fold, you will lose all your wagers, yet, with the Raise option, you will double the wager. After the selection, the hands are compared and the winner is announced. So, your presentiment and experience can help you choose right.

Talents for Fantasy Football

Pretty alike skills are required when you experience fantasy football. You are to collect your own team, buying the best players. That is when one should have an eye for managing the process, organizing the gamers and have an art to administer cash resources when selecting the sportsmen. Besides, being good at analytics, you will have more chances to predict the success or possible failure of the participants.