Where Does All The Money from American Football Online Casino Night in Canada Go?

Almost every online casino in Canada tries not only to bring joy to their customers with awesome service and unique amusements but also to help society however it can. That is why betting houses participate in various charity events. During such evenings all visitors have a wonderful opportunity to spend a good time while playing favorite games, as well as to make some money for American football teams support. In our guide, we will discuss which sport expenses get covered by the charity investments.

Funds for College Scholarships

Funds gathered at a casino night may benefit not only the team as a whole but also each player in particular. The most widespread way here is to provide with various college scholarships. They help footballers to pursue their passion while studying at university. In order to qualify, a player must possess a great talent and be ready to work hard. Sometimes, it may be puzzling to get recruited into college or university team, as well as to finance the studies, so such salary is really precious.

Casino Nights to Sponsor American Football Uniform

Those who have seen American football match at least once will agree that it is probably one of the toughest kinds of sport. Imagine how dangerous it may be for participants! In order to stay safe and prevent any issues, all sportsmen need to buy very expensive gear. So any sponsorship gifts are also welcomed.

Helmet and Face Masks

This equipment is probably the most important piece of the uniform. Since it protects a head and a face from any injuries, a high-quality here is “must have”. Also, athletes wear a mouth guard for teeth and tongue safe. Good helmets always include chin straps, air pockets, and a sunshade.


A jersey, or simply a shirt helps to identify easily players and teams. Its size is usually large enough to cover shoulder pads up. Also, the numbers must be printed in the right size, which is 8 inches high and 4 inches wide. The surname on the top must be 2,5 inches.

Different Types of Pads

Pads are good protectors of a sportsman body. They are located almost all over it, covering vulnerable parts: shoulders, a sternum region, arms, rotator cuffs, thighs, elbows, hips, knees, and ribs. However, not everybody wears them all, because of the movement complexity.


Cleats are extra necessary elements for every player. It is very dangerous to wear the wrong size, or not wear them at all. They come in four sizes and allow athletes to move on the field much faster.

Food during the Season

Since American football, as we've mentioned, is a rough sport and trainings are very energy-consuming, athletes need to be provided with good nutrition. It is also of a high importance to get all the needed vitamins and microelements during an intense season of games. So online casino nights sometimes care even for this aspect.

High-Protein Snacks

Sportsmen consume lots of carbs to get a good amount of energy for their activities, however, often forget about the importance of protein. Therefore, they are advised to eat snacks with a high maintenance of it, such as flapjacks or mousses, which are simultaneously low in sugar and unsaturated fats.

Sports Supplements

Football players also like to receive funds for sport supplements, as they are an integral part of every athlete’s ration. They help an organism to restore after heavy physical exercises. Usually, sportsmen take BCAA and amino acids before and after trainings in order to increase muscles strength. L-carnitine increases energy and helps to progress during long workouts. Taurine is crucial for good metabolism functioning. Team physicians keep a record of each player’s health and prescribe needed supplements.

Various Fluids to Match Sweat Losses

In addition to pure water, players consume large amounts of other beverages that allow them to match sweat losses. Drinks with electrolytes and juices are vital for a body to refuel muscles and restore energy immediately.