Most Famous Microgaming Bonus and Fantasy Football Players

Fantasy football is a game, which requires nothing but your skills. You act as a manager of online football teams, choosing your own one. As we have already determined, the system of bonuses in this entertainment is pretty like to Microgaming bonuses. And today we are going to get acquainted with the gamers, who managed to become famous due to these two fields.

Top Quarterbacks

Meet the leader of the offense. The guy taking this position stands right behind the appropriate line and touches the ball during each offensive play. In case this member wins or lose, that will have a great impact on the whole team. Deciding the gaming strategy of the whole match, this very player takes the whole responsibility for the result.

Philip Rivers

The pride of San Diego Chargers totally deserves to be one of top-size quarterbacks starting the season. Analyzing the last 8 games, Rivers produced only 3 rounds with multiple touchdowns, coming along with two 300+ yard game. Receiving proper pass protection, he remains the point of everyone's interest.

Tyrod Taylor

Leaving along with fact that this is the leader of Buffalo Bills, this gamer is also very attractive for all girls. The second half of the season showed Taylor to the best advantage. He ran across 1,757 yards and passed 10 touchdowns. Unfortunately, 2 of them ended with interceptions.

Popular Running Backs

Judging by the name of the position, you can already imagine what exactly these players do. In fact, the main purposes of the members are to obtain handoffs passed by the quarterback, to catch balls coming from backfield and to block if needed. The team can include one or two running backs and he can also be called a 'feature back'.

Theo Riddick

This man can do more than he produces. He makes greater profits in PPR formats (points per reception), and in 2015 Riddick was a competent RB2 (running back 2). Today, the player is drafted in his 9th round, getting more points that any other fantasy football team.

Jonatan Stewart

Taking the 16th place among other RB in the whole fantasy points, Steward is also a leader by collecting points per game within 2015. Nevertheless, the player is drafted in the middle of the 5th round. Unhappily, the career of the talented gamer is on the decline, yet, he can provide a steady RB2 position.

Famous Wide Receivers

Fast and wild, how else a player should be? These members got their name, because they take the furthest place from the whole team. Their main role is to grab passes from the quarterback and run downfield. Avoiding the opponents, the receiver runs very fast in order to pass the ball to another team participant.

Tyler Boyd

No matter how hard other participants tried to succeed in the position, everything was in vain until Boyd joined the team of Cincinnati bengals. Having all the prospects to become #2 pass-catcher, this sportsman is announched the 3rd receiver at the moment. Both standard and PPR leagues are glad to have him as a leader, but the latter one is where his value will be considered the most.

Markus Wheaton

The next proven receiver, who can take part in 2016 is Markus Wheaton. Having come at the end of the last season, he managed to make 28 catches for 476 yards, getting 4 scores over the latest 7 games. Being behind of several other members, all the fans expect him to outperform the rest.

Tight End Football Players

This is a mixed position, which includes the actions of offensive lineman and wild receiver. Players can form an offensive line and serve like blockers, or act like those catching passes. Herewith, most coaches select only one tight end, who is good in both running and blocking.

Zach Miller

Learning the biography of the player, he becomes a pretty risky variant. The number of injuries doesn’t match his young age of 31. Still, in 2015 Miller caught 31 passed for 404 yards and gained 5 scored during the latest 8 games. Besides, 6 grabs over 3 games makes him a great alternative for PPR.

Vance McDonald

The career of this member is pretty impressive. Grabbing 21 passes for 262 yards, McDonald got 3 scores. Now, he is joining his last season in 15 rounds of PPR, having all opportunities to become #2 tight end and a good starter.

Lucky Microgaming Bonus Winners

Microgaming group offers a wide variety of bonuses. These can be High Roller, No Deposit, Special Payment Option, Welcome/Welcome Package, Ongoing and other promotions. Here, we present the lucky devils, who won the jackpot playing the most popular games. Hold tight, the numbers are really big.

Jon Heywood

The October of 2015 became a year of success for a British soldier. With a total deposit of only £30, it took only 7 minutes until 26-year-old Heywood struck £13,213,838.68 on Mega Moolah. Now, a yellow Bentley Continental GT is a dream that can come true.

Rawiri Pou

New Zealand found out its hero in the summer of 2016. Rawiri (a fast food worker) won no less than NZ$10,144,395.82 playing the same Mega Moolah on Friday. Yeah, the day is now your favorite, huh? Getting such a great sum, the guy wants to spoil his family, cause it is rather close-knit.

John Orchard

This game is a real rescue! Again, Mega Moolah is in the high light. In 2012, a 60-year-old man from Lincolnshire, the UK, grabbed £5,883,044.43. And all this is due to 30p placed as a stake. Traveling and buying new things are now a piece of cake.

Georgios M

This man is a real devil! He won 12 jackpots!!! Still, the biggest win he got was €6,374,599.92 and $2,767,608.00 playing Mega Moolah slot machine, €93,950.00 on Break da Bank Again and €17,680.00 on Belle Rock. Yeah, his luck is with him 24/7.