How to Pay Online for Your American Football Casino Night in Canada

Charity events organized for gathering money for some good goal are frequent in North American Countries. Moreover, they are usually well-planned and it is a great pleasure to participate in them. Casino nights are a type of such occasions. Both land-based and online houses perform fundraisers in Canada. They generously support American football teams of different leagues. If you decide to join Canadian online casino charity movement, at some point (tickets, auctions, chips, etc.) you will come across money transactions and ways to complete them. Available payment methods depend on organizers. We will talk in depth about the most popular ones, which we have divided into two groups.

Classic Casino Night Payment Options for Canadians

Classic banking options, as the name suggests, appeared a long time ago and have received a good reputation over those years. They are also considered to be the most convenient and secure methods you may ever use.

Debit/Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are two globally-recognized systems. Gamblers often choose them at online casino events. You may use both credit and debit plastics for money transferring. If you wish to make a purchase or donation, on the payment page of the event, tick off ‘credit card’ among other listed options. Then, you must type in the card number, your name, the expiring date, and the CVC that is located on the back. Also, you must fill in what amount you wish to send and confirm the operation. If everything is correct, money should arrive at the destination in 3-5 days. Beware that a fee of 2-3% may be charged.

Bank Transfers

Direct transfer is another way to pay at casino evenings. In order to perform transaction successfully, we recommend you to gather all of the info about your savings account and the account you will send money to. This data includes a name and an address of a payer, a recipient, and banking codes, such as IBAN, Swift, and BIC. After all, is verified, the operation may take anything from 3-5 days to be completed.

Modern Banking Systems

Since the Internet has become a very big part of our lives, banking systems are available instantly as well. If you like safe and fast Web transactions, you definitely should consider e-wallets too. Moreover, cloud platforms have an easy process to buy entry tickets for casino nights and support American football teams.


PayPal is widely used to perform online and even mobile operations, at shops, casinos, and other websites. In order to use this system, you will need to set up an account, and fill in your name and age, an e-mail address and a credit card number. This platform has many advantages, such as no fee charged, immediate transfers, and user-friendly procedure.


Neteller is another popular company working with cash. It was founded in 1999. Its benefits can be treasured by players all over the world, who prefer pleasant and convenient service. After you have registered and filled in your personal data, you will receive an account ID number. You may use this platform both for putting cash in and out, which are also carried instantly.


Discover is a relatively new system that grows in popularity every day. Using this online platform, you may not only perform money operations quickly and securely, but also receive cash backs. Every bill or check you make gets 10 cents, which adds up to $120 per month.