How American Fantasy Football Would Change with Microgaming Bonuses

The Internet space is filled with various attractive offers and incredible incentives. Their main goal is to awaken genuine interest and excitement, to inspire players to take action, as well as to enhance their overall experience. Promotions are not an unusual thing for both online gaming and gambling. The most popular software developers create even whole bonus systems to reward clients fairly for their efforts and time.

Today we are going to explore similarities between those two kinds of online entertainments, as well as research, what items from Katie’s Microgaming bonus list can be applied to fantasy football. We'll also explain where those opportunities may be found.

Fantasy Football Notion

Fantasy football requires its players to possess certain skills in order to achieve success. Indeed, acting as a team owner and leading it to the victory, is not such a simple task. This game is very popular in the modern world, especially among American gaming fans. You may draft athletes for your list from among the most famous of professional athletes, which makes this entertainment even more exciting.

Historical Facts

The history of fantasy football goes way back to 1962. A group of good friends during their stay in New York, created a system of organization and a set of rules. These are now used as the basis for the actual game. In 1969, the activity saw a whole new world in Andy Mousalims’ bar in Oakland, California. Since then the popularity of this entertainment has grown and the process has turned into a big movement.

Different League Types

This imaginary sport, features multiple leagues that you’re free to join. There are public and private, where participants play either just for fun or for money. Also, there are head-to-head, all play, keeper style, salary cap, auction, two quarterbacks, and many other variations that follow exclusive terms and free points not unlike at to online casinos.

Developer Company Overview

Microgaming is the ultimate leader of software developers in the gambling industry. The company has been on the market since 1994, and has accomplished many impressive things during this time. However, most importantly the supplier has made Web gaming a really enjoyable style of entertainment. Apart from multiple exciting game options, the firm offers great services and outstanding promotions.

Microgaming Bonus System for Virtual Football

At first sight, gambling and fantasy gaming look like two parallel divisions, which will never intersect. However, we have found some awesome ideas for bonuses and promotions that fantasy football may adapt from the manufacturer.

Loyalty Programs to Use in Scoring

Online sport fans know that extra points are calculated based on outstanding results or achievements a player accomplishes. There are 3 leagues, wherein bonuses are counted differently, which may significantly influence game outcomes. Also, there is an exceptional grading system that works exactly the same on various levels. For example, the touchdown run or pass could get 6 extra points each, and running backs and wide receivers could earn some extra credit for moving the ball more than 100 yards.

Microgaming is generous in terms of various bonuses as well, which is especially beneficial when you’re a loyalty program member. The points you earn here can be traded easily for some items in an online shop, for free spins, or some extra cash. You also may unlock the opportunity to attend a prestigious casino tournament. Apart from those benefits, this club allows you to ‘climb higher’ the longer you play and the more you bet. Imagine how cool it would be if fantasy football bonus points were also traded for some sorts of prizes and other useful items?

Specification of Extra Points

As mentioned earlier, fantasy football features only 3 leagues that give away some sort of extra point for special achievements. Since they all count the amount of bonus differently, it’s important to do good research beforehand. For example, league B awards quarterback with 1 point for every 10 yards, touchdown with 6 points, and a field goal over 50 yards with 2 points. If the on-topic company had the right to develop bonuses for the activity, the situation would be very different from what is now.

Welcome Package

Usually, the manufacturer offers welcome packages, which help newcomers get acquainted with the whole gambling procedure, to feel more comfortable with the new environment, as well as to set up a path to success. Free cash basically allows you to start the game with spending casino funds and saving your own. Free spins are perfect for slots lovers. These bonuses would perfectly work in fantasy football as well. Coaches could receive ‘starter’ points for creating their own teams, and for registration. Such a move would not only be greatly appreciated by all gaming fans, but it can also attract more people.

Match Promo and Gratis Round

Performing certain actions in fantasy football may be tough at times, so any incentives would be an awesome reward for accomplishing such results. Microgaming has already established some generous gifts, such as an additional round in slots, or matching promo. The first one allows you to try out your luck once again, and if you win – you can keep all of the money. The second is via an opportunity to increase your funds, and therefore make more successful bets. This ‘extra cash’ is calculated at a certain rate based on your deposits. Matching percentages may be as low as 5-20% or go higher up to 100-200%.

Refer a Friend

Many of you have probably heard about ‘refer a friend’ program: it’s a very popular encouragement in gambling today. However, be attentive as not all casinos from the provider offer it. As the name suggests, you will need to invite a friend into the game in order to receive extra points. You will also have to set up an account and make the initial deposit, before you may make any moves. If you encourage your chums to sign up for the same online gaming house, you’ll receive a certain percent of his/her investment, which is different for every betting room. Some will award you with 20%, others with 30%. It would be great if a coach in fantasy football got some extra points for the same type of invitation.

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