Similarities between Microgaming Match Bonuses and Fantasy Football Rollover

Fantasy football is an amazing opportunity for sports fans to try themselves as team owners and to take a part in the NFL competitions! Many people often compare this game with gambling, because of the exciting scenery, the need for a right strategy, and a possibility to earn some gratis points or winning opportunities, such as a rollover. Today, our article will explain the similarities between this encouragement and match bonuses from Microgaming.

Rollover Features

A rollover is a distinctive feature of fantasy football games. This ‘promo’ gives you a chance to transfer your earned points to the next competition or to use them in the future match. Beware that every league that obtains such an incentive program may have its own restrictions. Also, the rule may have different variations which we will talk about further.

Point Counting and Usage Rules

The standard regulation says that every player who scores a minimum of 140 points in one week is eligible for the on topic gift. As we've described, you may use it in any future game until the end of the season. However, you must spend up all the points in one week and you can not divide them. Also, 24 hours before the kickoff game, you must tell other teams publicly about your intents to use this opportunity.

Main League Types to Apply

There are two types of leagues you may apply to – public and private. The first one is free for everyone to join and the participants play just for fun, experience, and entertainment. The second example is somewhat more serious: you may enter only with a special invitation, and all the members must make bets. Consider all the information wisely, before you make your final decision.

Microgaming Match Bonuses

Microgaming is one of the best software developers on the market that generously provides players not only with games but also with various bonus packages. The supplier designs match promotions to inspire gamblers to make bets. Your first deposit and the set percentage influence the amount of your award, which can be something like 5%, 20% or even 200%.

How to Get the Promo

As a rollover, this incentive is very easy to get, because there are only a few requirements you should complete beforehand. Just make sure you deposit enough money according to the casino policy. Carefully read the terms and conditions, and decide, whether you are going to use this opportunity, or not.

Play through Conditions

The on topic gift has very simple conditions as well. It says that you must follow the guidelines; otherwise, you can not get your winning money. Some casinos will ask you to make a set number of bets with the gratis funds, others to spend a set amount of it on stakes. So be careful when accepting the promo.

Games to Use the Bonus

Bonuses still have some unique features as to what game they can be used for. Rollover is available only in one game, which is fantasy football, whereas match promotions are offered for the large variety of amusements, including:
      Slots (video, progressive, 3D);
      Table and card games (poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack).