What Microgaming Bonus Works for Every Fantasy Football Stage

Fantasy football is a dream for those who are fond of the game but can not really participate. All players get the opportunity to manage professional teams and to make rational decisions to win the championship. The process consists of multiple exciting stages and tasks, which may remind you gambling. You may receive extra points as in online casinos for the achievements of your team. In our guide, we will explain what Microgaming bonus is appropriate for each game phase.

Choosing the League and Joining It

If you've decided to explore an exciting world of fantasy football gameplay, choosing the league is the first step you must take. There two types you may join: public and private. The first one is open for everybody who wants to entertain just for fun. Private matches require a special invitation and participants here may even place bets. This step is very important, so consider all the information carefully.

Microgaming Welcome Package

If you've ever played at casinos, you probably know how generous their welcome packages are. After the registration, a customer receives free titles just enough to get him/her started. Imagine how cool it would be if team owners got gratis scores in the beginning. Certain variations that already exist for gambling games could enhance fantasy football as well.

Extra Spins

Extra spins are very valuable promotions because they allow slot machine players to get acquainted with the rules and to obtain some experience for free. Also, there is no penalty for losing, but if you win, you may keep that money.

Free Cash to Play

Betting houses can even distribute free cash to their customers, which must be used to place other bets. That is a very exciting opportunity, because you may win some real fortune in the end also without the risk of losing your own funds.

Players Research and Special Developer’s Offer

After you have determined which league you want to join, you proceed to the players casting for your team. You choose them as easily as a game in online casino analyzing some characteristics and your preferences. But Microgaming features special promotions dedicated to a specific arcade. These incentives are available during a set period of time - a whole week or a day. It would be awesome if such exclusive offers were related to fantasy football athletes.

Fantasy Football Draft Building and a Team Roaster

The most exciting stage for the majority of the participants is when they get to organize and manage their teams. For a so-called draft, the main goal is to fill in all necessary game positions and get a full team roaster with the strategy, beginners, and so on.

Competitions with 1st Deposit and Reload Bonuses

The actual competition is an exciting and at the same time very nervous moment for everybody. That’s why it would be wonderful if the beginners received some kind of reward for their efforts, such as the first deposit bonus from Microgaming. For newcomers, it means that they may get some percentage of their initial investment for betting. Another nice idea is to grant extra points for players, who will take part in future football competitions, the same as a reload encouragement for gamblers.


Fantasy team owners have the total control of their draft and roaster, and therefore they can make all kinds of decisions. These guys have the right to drop a poor player and replace him with another agent from bench colleagues. The same works for injury cases.

Winning the League

If you become a champion of your league, that is a great achievement! You may even be awarded a trophy, some cash, or just with the recognition for your talent. However, because all of your dreams come true, you will definitely feel like you have won a Microgaming jackpot!