Are Microgaming Free Spin Bonus and Free Kicks in Fantasy Football Similar?

First, when you think about online gambling/casino games and virtual football, there seems nothing common between these 2 fields. Yet, talking about the topic in more details, we see that some points are pretty similar. Just like the system of Microgaming bonuses provides, the players of fantasy football also can receive certain benefits. The first alternative rewards with free spins, while the second one presents free kicks. Let us learn for whom, for what reason and when are these promos credited. Besides, they definitely have some requirements to meet.

Fantasy Football Free Kicks

Discussing the types, conditions and other aspects of the feature will be totally useless, until you understand the meaning of free strokes. So, it is a down, which appears without a scrimmage. The receiving team should be placed no less than 10 yd downfield and wait for the rivals to throw the pellet, while the striking brigade starts the round behind the goal.


This free kicks kind has its personal rules and principles. At that rate, the main hero of the game is located on a tee or carried at the 35-yard line of the leading command. Yet, previously it was 30 yards. This change took place to limit the possible injuries and create safe conditions for players. Besides, to reduce the speed of clashes and running starts, gamers can take post maximu 5 yd behind the kickoff line.

Onside Strike

Everyone knows that the ball should be pulled to the furthest distance (40-70 yards usually). Competing that, the receiving company participant can assure a successful domain. Sometimes, in order to strengthen the tactics, the hitting team selects the onside strike strategy instead. Now, the kicker tries to cast the goal over the demanded 10-yard section. This time, his teammate has a great opportunity to grasp the pill.

Receiving Team

When any of the command mate owns the ball, he should do everything to keep it there for a long while. Once you see a bang on the ground, it means the conclusion of the game, then the officials will take it to the quarter where the play finished. Once it happens so that a kickoff is taken somewhere out of the defensive territory, it is named an illegal kick. This time, the opposite party has a right to take a re-strike from the same groove.

Safety Hints

This is a hint taken after the safety. The side, upon which it was scored, puts a pellet into the gaming process by a punt, placekick or dropkick. This time, no amount can be wagered on a strike following a safety one. For making it legal, the hit should travel across at least 10 yards or be touched by anyone from the receiving party.

Free Spins Bonus from Microgaming

Right when you launch a slot, you are bound to faceone thing that keeps you far from the actual moves. You are to place a bet. Selecting a coin value and their number to place per each line, you make a stake for every spin taken. Yet, in case you are so lucky to activate Free Spins bonus, there won’t be any need to repeat similar actions again. Now, the casino pays for your pastime and you just have fun.

No Deposit Required

This promotion is loved by numerous virtual gamblers. You can meet it with pretty beneficial terms, for instance, requiring no deposit. This time, you roll in a special promo code and receive your pack of chargeless games linked to a machine. Otherwise, it can be a part of a Welcome Bonus. In this case, you make one investment in order to activate the signup offer and get spins as an additional profit.

After Investments

When your monetary transfers are involved, you can’t but make inputs. Yet, the min size is mentioned in T&Cs, so you know which sum is needed in order to start the gameplay. You should also mind the banking method you select. It also provides its lowest amount you can transact, make sure, it matches the casino bonus demands.

As A Bonus Round

One more kind of Free Spins gift is rewarded not by the casino, but by a slot machine. You spin the reels and now your target is to catch the special symbols combination, which will trigger the feature. Usually, it is the scatter that can open the way to the rounds when appearing at least 3 times within one spin. Some generous pokies give you a chance even to retrigger the present when meeting more scatters.