Microgaming Bonuses for Different Fantasy Football Games

Fantasy football is a very popular game nowadays mainly because of its exciting scenery and limitless opportunities. Could you imagine yourself as a football team owner, making important decisions and leading your players to the victory? It is possible in this exciting amusement. We have talked earlier about multiple bonuses Microgaming could add to this kind of sport, but today, we are going to focus on the game varieties that are available in the modern market.

Fantasy Football League Types

Apart from just public and private, there are many other kinds of leagues in today’s fantasy football. Each one has certain criteria, distinctive and unique features that are very encouraging. We will go through the most popular types.


You may either create or join a head-to-head league and compete with other team owners instantly. Every player makes up a schedule and gets matched to another team based on that. This kind allows only an even number of groups. The manager who generates more points wins the game. All of the results then are included in the overall record. It would be great for all participants if there was an opportunity to benefit from the generous Microgaming bonus system.

Total Points Kind

In this type of league, you do not compete with anybody specifically. Instead, the winner is determined based on the total number of points. In the beginning, every team owner sets a lineup, and scores generated in all matches are added to the overall rank. It is very prestigious to get the victory in the championship since the conditions are very competitive.

50/50 with Microgaming Bonuses

Many players say that 50/50 league is a great alternative for beginners since it is not as risky or rival. The main principle states that if there are 50 participants total, there will be 25 winners and 25 losers in the end. It sounds attractive, but still, consider the fact that getting the first place is the same as the 25th. As for Microgaming bonuses here, all of them starting from a sign up and finishing with a match would fit.

Other Possible Variants

Believe it or not, but in addition to that, there are many decent options you should consider trying. Please notice that it is your responsibility to gather all of the necessary information before you join. Available varieties include:
  • All play,
  • Keeper style,
  • Salary cap,
  • Auction,
  • Dynasty,
  • Two quarterback leagues.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily sport is mainly a complimentary version of fantasy football, which is also all about the competition between team owners and their famous athletes. The main difference is that championship is taking place during a short period of time, which can be one week or even a day.


It always feels nice to be awarded not only with prestige and recognition, but also with prizes. If you see a word ‘contest’ in the disclaimer, you should know that it refers to this type of the game and requires an entry fee. There are a couple of fantasy football tournaments that like to encourage its winners with some good awards such as cash. Their amount is calculated by the set percentage based on entry fees collected.