What to Wear to Canadian Online Casino Football Support Events

To support football teams Canadian online casinos organize various charity events . With the donated funds, clubs buy a uniform, nutrition, and the needed equipment. Organizers plan an exciting program for participants, which includes playing favorite games, taking part in auctions, and having delicious food and drinks. Such occasions are often held in luxurious land-based betting houses or in hotels. So you are required to be dressed a certain way in order to get a permission. We will gladly share what options here you have.

Main Dress Code Type

In our guide, we will talk about 7 main types of styles that casino night’s participants may choose from. It starts out with the strictest one and ends with the example that is not as formal. Pay attention, that the last option is not the best for you to use if you expect to fully engage with the atmosphere. For someone, who has hard times deciding which outfit to pick, casinos usually leave a disclaimer on the ticket.

Formal White Tie

The style known as a white tie is probably the strictest in the whole fashion industry. The historical roots of this dressing tradition go back to the 1700s, where men alternated their floating blouses with more formal versions. The occasions during which you may be able to have such clothes on are official ceremonies, royal dinners, etc. Women must choose a proper gown, men – apart from a white shirt, black trousers, and a coat, must wear leather shoes, and socks.

Black Tie

The second style is called a black tie and it is way less formal than the previous one. Events that are held in the evening require guests to keep up with this dress code. Women look calls for proper evening shoes, whereas men are obligated to wear a white shirt, along with a black bow tie, and a jacket. Gentlemen must also include a waistcoat and a pair of decent leather shoes to their outfit.

Optional Black Tie

Wedding and receptions request guests to choose clothes that fall under the category of ‘optional black tie’. The note for ladies is that they may opt for either a full-length gown or a cocktail dress. The men style requires a suit of conservative color, and a shirt. The look will not be complete without a tie, and good leather shoes.


The semiformal outfit is not generally used on casino nights for American football support; however, it’s good to know what fits. Women are not as limited in their choice: they may wear a cocktail dress, a long skirt with a blouse, as well as dressy separates. Men also have different options that include a suit, a vest, and a tie. Nice shirt of a light color and shoes will only improve the overall look.

Business Formal

Business formal dress code is associated with usual clothes you put on going to the office. Such wardrobe implies suits, or dresses, jackets, stockings, and heels for women. Men look does not differ much from the one offered in semiformal code.

Business Casual

Some people like to be classy and to feel comfortable at the same time, as it implied in business casual style. According to the rules, men are allowed to put on a sport coat, a button-down shirt, an optional tie, and loafers. Women may choose from a skirt, pants, a shirt, or a sweater.

Casual Style

Even though casual clothes are not advised to be worn on online casino sponsorship occasions, it is still among your options. Men can pick from jeans, shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers, whereas women can opt for a sun dress, a long skirt, jeans, a blouse etc.

Dressing Tips for Football Casino Nights

Our best tip for you is to choose clothes that fit right and in which you feel yourself comfortable. If you believe in superstitions and have a piece in your wardrobe that brings you luck, you may want to wear it as well.