What Gridiron Football Types Are Supported at Canadian Online Casino Events

If you are somewhat familiar with gambling, you may hear about Canadian casino online nights and may wonder what they are. In a nutshell, this term describes charity events which aim is to gather money for different organizations (hospitals, shelters for poor, homeless, and animals) and to help them cover the initial expenses. In our article, we will talk about what kinds of football can get the sponsorship support from the on topic occasions.

Notion of Gridiron Football

So popular Gridiron game is a type played in the countries of North America. The word ‘gridiron’ was firstly introduced in 1920 to describe a checkerboard field pattern. The grid system has been drastically changed; however, this term is still in use. It made its first appearance as rugby in a football association in the far 19th century. After many modifications and rule changes, this exciting sport kind has received its modern outlook.

Professional Leagues

This stage is the most prestigious level of an athletic career. The US and Canada can be very proud of their professional leagues and what the teams have achieved so far. The CFL was established in 1958, in Montreal, Canada, and now it manages nine teams of different cities. The NFL has much more history since it dates back to 1920. Both divisions try to do their best in promoting and developing Gridiron football.

Top Game Codes for Casino Sponsorship

American, Canadian, nine-man, and indoor game codes are believed to be the most popular ones. But in the charity movement sponsors contribute large amounts to the development of the first two representatives.


American football is probably the most famous kind of sport in the North countries. Everyone knows that it is played by 22 players divided into two teams. The beginning of this exciting game roots deeply in the history. The first college competition was held in 1869, and since then the popularity has been only increasing. Nowadays, about 1.1 million high school sportsmen and 70,000 university athletes join this movement annually.
Players, Teams, Positions
The offense unit tries its best to take over the ball and advance down the field by passing or running with it. The defense unit at the same time tries to shorten their advance or even control the ball. If the offense moves at least ten yards in four rounds, the team succeeds.
Main Rules
Game points are calculated based on the teams’ ability to push the ball into the opposing team’s end zone for a touchdown or goalposts throw. Every touchdown receives 6 points, and the final goal earns only 3. The competitor with more points wins. The field has a rectangular shape with various marks on it. Other equipment used during the process includes goalposts and a ball.


Even though Canadian football is not so widespread as the US one, it has its own history. Its main rules started evolving from rugby in the 1800s. This evolution went through the 20th century and has made the game a unique one.
Three Levels of a Play
Athletes have an opportunity to build a successful career on three different levels. The highest one obviously is the CFL, which includes nine separate teams, as was mentioned above. The college league is governed by Football Canada, and manages 26 representatives you may join. The junior level is more like a transition between a high school and a professional sport.
Unique Features
It is a known fact, that two kinds of a game (American, Canadian) were originated from the same source (rugby); however, the on topic one has some distinctive features that make it even more authentic. Those include:
      Duration (1 hour);
      Field (110 yards long and 65 yards wide);
      Players (12 in each team);
      Scoring system.